2018 is the Year of the Line-item Veto in Rhode Island!

44 States give their Governor the power of a line-item veto.

RI Needs to Join the Rest of the Country!

Our Purpose

Rhode Island is only 1 out of 6 states left in the country that does not give our Governor the power of the line-item veto. 44 other states balance power between their Governors and legislators via the line-item veto. If you have had it with last minute budget shenanigans and out of control state spending, a line-item veto will help to bring balance back to our government.

With Your Help We Can win a Governor's Line-Item Veto in RI!

Help us ask Speaker Mattiello and Senate Dominic Ruggerio, the two people who have the power to bring the Line-Item Veto legislation to a vote, to give our Governor a line-item veto!


Please join me in reminding our elected officials how important a line-item veto is to Rhode Island's future. Keep an eye on our progress by viewing the various pages on this site where we will be tracking the positions of all our leaders as the session goes on.

Thanks for helping!
- Ken Block

Email your elected officials

let your elected officials including Senate President Dominic Ruggerio and House Speaker Nicolas Mattielo know how you feel!
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Please pass Line-Item Veto legislation

To: Governor Raimondo
      House Speaker Mattiello
      Senate President Ruggerio
      House Majority Leader Shekarchi
      House Finance Chairman Abney
      Senate Majority Leader McCaffrey
      House Judiciary Chairman Keable
      Senate Judiciary Chairwoman Lynch
      Senate Finance Chairman Conley

I am writing to ask that in the 2018 General Assembly session you pass legislation to place a Line-Item Veto constitutional amendment on the 2018 ballot.

44 other states in our great country provide their Governors with a line-item veto - it is beyond time that Rhode Island do the same.

There is tremendous public support for a governor's line-item veto, and I write today to add my name and voice to that support.

When Rhode Island stands out negatively and alone relative to most of the rest of the country, it sends the wrong message about our state. The lack of a Governor's line-item veto in Rhode Island is very much a wrong message.

A line-item veto adds desperately needed transparency to our budget process. Our budget process also becomes much stronger when a Governor is able to do more than meekly pass or reject the budget in its entirety as it is delivered from the legislature. With a line-item veto, if a Governor decides to strike a line from the budget, the General Assembly can always decide to override that veto. This check and balance is what is desperately needed in Rhode Island.

77% of the states with a line-item veto have a veto override threshold of 66%. 65% of states with the line-item veto require the override threshold to be from all elected legislators, as opposed to those present on the day of the vote.

I also believe that Massachusetts' version of the line-item veto which allows the Governor to reduce a line-item as an option to just eliminating the line-item is a very good option that should be part of Rhode Island's version of the line-item veto.

44 other states do not have it wrong. Please pass a line-item veto for Rhode Island's Governor.


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