2018 is the Year of the Line-item Veto in Rhode Island!

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Please pass Line-Item Veto legislation

Dear Senator Louis P. DiPalma,

I am writing to you today to let you know that I am in favor of bringing a Governor's line-item veto to Rhode Island.

I am writing to you today to ask you for your stance on this critically important check and balance between the Executive and Legislative branches of government.

44 other states provide their governors with a line-item veto. Whenever Rhode Island works seriously differently from other places, it gives people and businesses pause. We have the opportunity to make a change that that can have a positive outcome for everyone - all it takes is you to make it happen.

Please note that I believe that a horse trade for the line-item veto is wrong. I do not believe that bringing Rhode Island in line with other states regarding the line-item veto should involve other legislation not directly relevant to RI's budget process. I hope that you agree.

77% of the states with a line-item veto have a veto override threshold of 66%. 65% of states with the line-item veto require the override threshold to be from all elected legislators, as opposed to those present on the day of the vote.

I also believe that Massachusetts' version of the line-item veto which allows the Governor to reduce a line-item as an option to just eliminating the line-item is a very good option that should be part of Rhode Island's version of the line-item veto.

I respectfully ask you to vote to approve legislation that will allow the voters of Rhode Island to vote on whether or not to bring a line-item veto to Rhode Island on this November's ballot.

Please respond to me with your position on this issue.


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