2018 is the Year of the Line-item Veto in Rhode Island!


Total Signatures to Date = 868

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Letter B: 81 signatures

Name City Date
Baffaro, Michael South Kingstown 01/08/2018
Baker, Marie Coventry 01/08/2018
Baldwin, James Narragansett 12/20/2017
Barber, Constance East Providence 12/20/2017
Barbero, Kevin Cranston 01/04/2018
barbosa, michael Johnston 01/08/2018
Bard, Ryan Warwick 01/08/2018
bard, jack Coventry 01/08/2018
Barnabe, Stephen West Greenwich 12/29/2017
Barnum, Caleb Warwick 12/21/2017
Barrette, Claire Woonsocket 12/20/2017
Barros, Antonio Cranston 12/20/2017
Bartis, Jamee North Kingstown 01/09/2018
Bartomioli, Teresa North Smithfield 12/28/2017
Barton, Edwin Barrington 12/20/2017
Bastien, Michael East Greenwich 01/08/2018
Baxter, Milton Coventry 01/04/2018
Beal, David Providence 12/21/2017
Beal, Lorraine F Portsmouth 12/20/2017
BEAUCHEMIN, stephen North Smithfield 12/20/2017
Beaulieu, Julie East Greenwich 12/21/2017
Beck, James Narragansett 01/04/2018
Beckmann, Cheryl South Kingstown 12/21/2017
Bedard, Janet Woonsocket 12/20/2017
BEDARD, CHRISTOPHER Pawtucket 12/21/2017
beers, elizabeth East Providence 12/20/2017
Bellm, Jean Barrington 12/21/2017
Benevides, Stephen Middletown 01/05/2018
Benfeito, Steven West Warwick 12/20/2017
Benoit, Donald Warwick 12/28/2017
Benson, Robert North Kingstown 12/20/2017
Berberick, Ray Portsmouth 01/09/2018
Bergenstock, Glenn North Kingstown 12/20/2017
Bergeron, Kenneth North Smithfield 12/21/2017
Berry, Michele West Greenwich 01/04/2018
Bibeault, David Warren 01/02/2018
Bisordi, Jared East Greenwich 12/28/2017
Blanchette, Brian Coventry 01/10/2018
Blezard, Davis Warwick 01/20/2018
Block, Kenneth Barrington 12/19/2017