2017 is the Year of the Line-item Veto in Rhode Island!


Total Signatures to Date = 1250

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Letter C: 112 signatures

Name City Date
Caldarone, Greg Warwick 01/19/2017
Caldarone, Raymond Cranston 01/20/2017
Caliri, Maria Smithfield 01/19/2017
Callender, Elaine North Providence 01/19/2017
calore, cathy Charlestown 01/21/2017
Cambio, Donna Johnston 02/03/2017
Caminero, Jeffrey Providence 02/11/2017
Campbell, Pauline Scituate 02/24/2017
Campbell, Brian Coventry 01/19/2017
Caniglia, Douglas Cumberland 01/30/2017
Cannon, Lisa Cumberland 02/01/2017
Capaldi, Marco Bristol 02/01/2017
Capozzi, Elaine West Warwick 01/19/2017
Capron, Bill Barrington 01/19/2017
Caranci, Paul North Providence 02/24/2017
carcieri, linda Cranston 01/19/2017
Carlevale, John West Greenwich 02/24/2017
Carlini, Kelly West Warwick 02/02/2017
Carlone, Tim Warwick 02/11/2017
Carlow Jr, Henry L West Warwick 02/02/2017
Carlson, Dawn Barrington 02/01/2017
carlson, elise Johnston 01/28/2017
carlson, patricia Cranston 01/19/2017
Carlson, Glenn East Greenwich 02/03/2017
Caron, Joseph Barrington 01/31/2017
Caron, Joseph Barrington 01/20/2017
Carrara, MIchelle Smithfield 01/20/2017
Carreira, William Tiverton 01/19/2017
Carreiro, Diane Portsmouth 01/27/2017
carrick, gerald Barrington 01/19/2017
Carrier, Dennis East Providence 01/28/2017
carroll, john East Greenwich 05/03/2017
carroll, paula East Providence 02/04/2017
Caruolo, Patricia Cranston 01/26/2017
Cary, Joel Warren 01/19/2017
Casey, Lawrence Richmond 02/24/2017
Casey, Jane Lincoln 01/31/2017
Castellone, Joseph Cranston 01/19/2017
Castore, Deidre Cranston 02/20/2017
Caswell, Susan Lincoln 02/05/2017