2018 is the Year of the Line-item Veto in Rhode Island!


Total Signatures to Date = 868

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Letter O: 15 signatures

Name City Date
OBrien, Marion Cumberland 12/20/2017
OBrien, David Warwick 02/08/2018
OConnell, Robert East Providence 12/21/2017
OConnor, Bill Warwick 12/20/2017
Odell, Brian North Kingstown 12/21/2017
Oden, Gilbert Cranston 12/20/2017
OHara, Geoff East Providence 12/21/2017
Olearnick, Andrew Westerly 12/20/2017
Oliver, Matthew Lincoln 01/07/2018
Olivo, Richard Providence 02/16/2018
OMara, David Providence 12/20/2017
Omweg, Anne Marie North Smithfield 01/07/2018
Orefice, Lawrence South Kingstown 12/20/2017
OSullivan, Nancy Newport 12/20/2017
Owens, Robert Smithfield 01/04/2018