2018 is the Year of the Line-item Veto in Rhode Island!


Total Signatures to Date = 868

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Letter W: 33 signatures

Name City Date
Waddington, John Exeter 12/28/2017
Waldman, Ellis Providence 01/04/2018
Walker, Kathleen Cumberland 12/20/2017
Wallick, Martha Barrington 12/28/2017
walmsley, john Cumberland 12/20/2017
walsh, marion Hopkinton 12/20/2017
Walsh, John Providence 12/22/2017
Ward, Vincent Woonsocket 01/08/2018
Ward, John Woonsocket 12/21/2017
Warren, Tracie Richmond 01/07/2018
welch, patrick Scituate 12/21/2017
Wells, Tim Smithfield 12/21/2017
Weremay, Linda Scituate 12/20/2017
Weston, Toni Smithfield 01/07/2018
whalen, patrick Woonsocket 01/04/2018
Whitaker, Ren Providence 12/20/2017
White, Mike Burrillville 01/11/2018
Whitmarsh , David Portsmouth 12/21/2017
WIEGAND, DIETER East Greenwich 01/07/2018
Wiegand, Ronald Cumberland 01/04/2018
Wierzbicki, Barbara Providence 12/28/2017
Willis, Thomas Warwick 01/05/2018
Willoughby, Mary Cranston 01/04/2018
Wilson, Andrea Narragansett 01/04/2018
wilson, Richard Smithfield 12/22/2017
Wilson, web Portsmouth 01/04/2018
Wimbush, Mark South Kingstown 12/21/2017
Wimbush, Reiko South Kingstown 12/22/2017
Winter, Hermann East Providence 01/08/2018
Winters, Mary Ellen East Greenwich 12/21/2017
Wolff, Martin North Providence 01/04/2018
Woodruff, John East Providence 12/20/2017
Woods, Kenneth South Kingstown 01/04/2018