2018 is the Year of the Line-item Veto in Rhode Island!

Notable Quotes

One of the most important benefits of a line-item veto might be the honesty that it can bring to debates - among lawmakers, and between lawmakers and the governor.Randal Edgar
Providence Journal commentary piece 'R.I.: Spending billions, with no line-item veto' 4/21/2016
Voters should also have the opportunity to enact another reform measure - the line-item veto. If the voters approve this change, it will provide an important layer of accountability in government and promote fiscal responsibility. For example, if a budget passes that contains wasteful or unnecessary spending, the governor would have the option to cut out those items without vetoing the entire budget, and send them back to the legislature for reconsideration. This change will make government more efficient and responsive to the needs of the people. Forty-four other states already have a line-item veto, the vast majority of Rhode Islanders support it, and we should let the voters decide.Governor Gina Raimondo
Providence Journal commentary piece 'Gina M. Raimondo: R.I. needs line-item veto, other reforms' 5/21/2016
I understand the line item veto that exists in many states is limited and is not nearly as extensive as the bill introduced here. In the off-session, I will have my staff conduct extensive research on the laws of other states to review what works and what doesn't, and we will make a further determination on this issue next year.House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello
Providence Journal article 'Debate over 38 Studios payments, line-item veto could precede Senate vote on $8.9 billion budget' 6/19/2016
Paiva Weed has pledged to co-sponsor legislation that would give the voters a chance to amend the state's Constitution to give the governor line-item veto power." "I think that ultimately it will lend itself to a greater balance of power between the legislature and the executive branch with regard to the budget", she [Paiva-Weed] said.Providence Journal 'Challenger takes on R.I. Senate president' 10/17/2016
The lack of a line-item veto in Rhode Island makes our government less transparent, contributes to the imbalance of power between the executive and legislative branches, and makes Rhode Island a negative outlier, refusing to permit [the public] a vote on a measure that has benefited almost every other state.Ken Block
Providence Journal commentary piece 'Governor should fight for line-item veto' 4/10/2016
Forty four states have adopted some version of the line-item veto, intended to restore the governor's ability to protect the executive budget against legislative riders and pork barrel spending in appropriation bills. It was about checks and balance in a separation of powers system.Thomas P. Lauth
Public Budgeting and Finance / Winter 2016
So what is a line-item veto? It's the power given to most governors to slap down a spendthrift bunch of legislators who want to buy votes with your money. In most states, the legislative branch sends the governor a final budget, and a governor gets to put his or her pen through any single extravagant spending items. A governor can reject, or 'veto', a single line item. Tom Ward
Valley Breeze "Kill Grants, Enact a Line-item Veto" 5/10/2016
An elective despotism was not the government we fought for.Thomas Jefferson
The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, selfappointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. James Madison
It's time. For several years, I have been on he record about the importance of balancing the power between the legislative and executive branches of our government through a line-item veto. The line-item veto increases transparency, accountability and efficiency. It helps to ensure that our government is always working for the people. Rhode Islanders deserve no less.
Good government policy is developed by listening to the citizens and I believe the citizens of this state have made it clear that they are ready for a line-item veto in Rhode Island. It's time to put it to a vote and let their voices be heard. Lt. Governor McKee
I support line-item veto authority for the Governor as it will help restore a balance of power to our government and increase accountability over the legislature. As Mayor, I have line-item veto authority in Cranston and have used it effectively to challenge reckless budgetary decisions by past councils. This tool provides an added measure of transparency to state government and will encourage smarter decision making in all branches of government. Cranston Mayor Allan Fung